The real estate market in Speracedes

The trend in real estate sales of apartments and integrated houses starts at around €2,750 per m² (price below which 25% of sales are located) and then €3,280 per m² (price below which 50% of sales are located) to go up to €3,850 per m² (price below which 75% of sales are located).

Like Cabris with beautiful coast views, Speracedes is part of the "Terres de Siagne" community of municipalities. It extends over 346 hectares, at an altitude of 381 meters. The village mills are well known and there are two of them remaining, only one of which is still operational.

Speracedes is located 2 km southwest of Cabris and about 10 kilometres northeast of Lake Saint-Cassien. Population of 1,322 inhabitants.