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Knowing the property market price in and around Peymeinade for a property requires several elements:
- Interpret the specific characteristics of the property (surface, number of rooms, floor, etc.)
- Consideration of the property's environment
- 20 years of commercial experience as a real estate agent in the sector
- A comparison with other properties in the area as well as with the various sales made in the sector.
Conducting an evaluation remotely or directly on an online form can result in an incorrect price. An overvalued real estate estimate will generally cost you many months without any offer to purchase. An undervalued real estate appraisal will speed up the sale but at your expense.
Only a study carried out on site makes it possible to know the price of your property in all objectivity. Indeed, many parameters are involved in addition to the "technical" characteristics such as the exact positioning and orientation, the necessary work, the distribution of parts, the negotiator's feeling in the situation, the condition of the common parts, etc. To ensure the best expertise, we take the time to visit your home.
To estimate the price of your property in Peymeinade, Le Tignet, Cabris, Speracedes, Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne : contact us 

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